JC Tax Services Announced as Speaker for Let's Build Community Wealth Together Business Expo


Senior Tax Preparer James Hall Announced as Speaker Educating Attendees on Business Taxes and Operations


JC Training Academy has put together an event that small business owners do not want to miss. On August 20, 2022, a wealth of education and value will be provided for attendees. Information will be catered specifically to those who are in business and those who are looking to take that next step of starting a business. This virtual event will allow business owners to connect with established leaders to glean from their expertise and experience across multiple industries. We are proud to partner with JC Tax Services to leverage their expertise concerning business taxes and business operations. Business taxes is a hot topic and it’s critical that business owners understand operations and goal planning. Business owners deal with tax filings annually and some quarterly. Having a plan to ensure that the govt gets it's just due and nothing more is of equal importance as is generating the revenue.

Business taxes are an important aspect of doing business. While most focus on bringing in the revenue, they rarely focus on the offset that has to happen concerning taxation. The result is an unpleasant surprise come tax filing time. Taxation takes place from multiple levels and it's crucial for business owners to understand this before that boom of revenue comes in. If not, they can put themselves in a situation where they don't withhold enough or pay enough in concerning their taxes. "The SBA states that small businesses of all types pay an estimated average federal tax rate of 19.8%. The average for sole proprietorships is 13.3%, small partnerships 23.6%, and small S corporations 26.9%.", According to Nationwide.com. Part of managing the taxation is also understanding the operations side of the business. Knowing how to view your profit/loss reports, cash flow reports, and balance sheets are all important. If not, you may be making decisions based on a misconstrued analysis of your company data that comes back to be a swift kick in the rear.

JC Tax Services' James Hall has been working with business owners from a tax and operations perspective for seven years even before he started his company. He saw that there was a lack in the accounting and tax preparation industry that was truly hitting small business owners hard. Their goal is to truly develop partnerships with their clients. It is through a true partnership that accountability can be measured, and the right goals pursued. James has partnered with tens of clients and trained hundreds on the concepts of business taxes and business operations to help them understand the value of tax planning, business entity selection, and how to truly gauge the performance of your business.

The Let’s Build Community Wealth Together Business Expo event will cover this topic in great length as well as provide attendees opportunities to get their questions answered while also providing a community group access after the event. A full day of amazing interactive sessions and post-event support for any questions is what makes this an event that should be on every small business owner’s agenda. It simply makes sense to invest in one’s ability to run and grow their business to success.

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