A.L.I.V.E. Announced as Speaker for Let's Build Community Wealth Together Business Expo


CEO Kesha Broady Announced as Speaker Educating Attendees on Business Grants


UNITED STATES, July 12, 2022 / -- JC Training Academy has put together an event that small business owners do not want to miss. On August 20, 2022, a wealth of education and value will be provided for attendees. Information will be catered specifically for those who are in business and those who are looking to take that next step of starting a business. This virtual event will allow business owners to connect with established leaders to glean from their expertise and experience across multiple industries. We are proud to partner with A.L.I.V.E. to leverage their grant writing expertise. Business grants are a hot topic. Business owners are concerned about funding and are looking for methods to use to help get their ideas off the ground and into operation.


Grant writers are essential tools that most business owners may not know are available to help them. There is a myriad of classes online, but a personal touch and coaching are what is needed. Most business owners waste their time only to give up. Everyone “knows” that funding is available but they are stuck with the question, “Where is it?” Professionals in this arena are able to work with businesses and help them look at the requirements and prerequisites are so that they don’t waste their time. They are then able to focus on the specific actions that they can perform to become grant ready while working with a professional to identify the specific grants that may be available to them. Search fatigue is real, leaving most business owners ready to give up!

A.L.I.V.E. Always Living In Victory Enterprises CEO Kesha Broady has been working with business owners and school districts to help provide the funding. Kesha is a well-established educator and understands the need for funding. She has a passion for working with organizations to see what their options are and help put them in a better position to take advantage of what people know is out there, free funding.

“When we think about growing, scaling, and optimizing our business, the first concern is money or lack thereof. That is why we need to learn about funding opportunities available to small businesses.”

— Kesha Broady - CEO of A.L.I.V.E

The Let’s Build Community Wealth Together Business Expo event will cover this topic in great length as well as provide attendees opportunities to get their questions answered while also providing a community group access after the event. A full day of amazing interactive sessions and post-event support for any questions is what makes this an event that should be on every small business owner’s agenda. It simply makes sense to invest in one’s ability to run and grow their business to success.

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