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We do our level best to bring proficiency and practical application to the subjects that we host. Attendees will be able to gain a better understanding, and perspective, and put together an actionable plan with our documents, handouts, and templates that we provide. Take a further look at our courses, events, and masterclasses, and reach out if you have any questions. 



We offer courses for a variety of topics that are simple to digest and help you achieve your goals. Each course comes with community access as well. It is a reminder that while you are studying, you are not alone. 



We offer virtual events centered around certain topics of interest.  Our events are hosted on virtual event software and are designed to provide an amazing experience of community and knowledge. 



Our live classes will feature a variety of topics. Each class provides access to the course but with live sessions and a community access. The sessions offer live Q&A and submission of questions just in case you can't make it live with the ability to view the replays

Sharing Knowledge, Wisdom, and Perspective

"We believe firmly that there are three primary components to change and making improvements. We need new knowledge which is essentially like a set of new instructions or a new manual if you will. We need wisdom gleaming from others' experiences so that we can understand fully how to apply this new set of instructions. Lastly, we need perspective so that we can continue to do what works keeping the logic and understanding of what we are doing and why we are doing it." 

James Hall - CEO of JC Training Academy 



Check out the featured events, courses, and classes below. Visit this page often as this will be updated as the year progresses.

Who Cares About Taxes? 

Audit Proof Business Record Keeping


New Business Entities: How To Make The Right Choice


They Are Educators

The nature of giving back is to learn and share. They have built a business where they are able to learn and share partnering with other educators to bring new and fresh perspectives to the masses at an affordable price point.


"We are simply educators at heart. There has been so much that we have learned over the years that most people don't know. We thought to ourselves, if we didn't know it, who else was not privy to the same level of knowledge and understanding? That is why we formed this company. We see the benefits of these educational topics that have changed our lives for the better and now aspire to go out and help others change their lives for the better?" - James Hall CEO of JC Training Academy 


They offer courses, events, and masterclasses designed in a way to help students achieve their goals with accountability built into the design. With the power of technology, JC Training Academy is able to provide a phenomenal learning experience for its students.